Locating and Testing Oil Tanks

Underground Oil Tank Locating and RemovalOver the last 10 years Underground Oil Tanks have become a big problem in New Jersey! This is one reason why many attorneys request an oil tank search, scan or sweep prior to the sale of a property. This is especially important with homes more than 30 years old. Similar to lead paint, the older the home, the higher the likelihood it exists on your property. A sellers' disclosure is often not helpful because it asks the wrong question. It asks the sellers, "Are you aware of any abandoned tanks on the property." It doesn't ask them, "Are there any abandoned tanks on the property" which is what you need to know! Most sellers are not the original builders or owners. Therefore, many would have no idea what transpired prior to them buying the home just like you right now.

At Polo & Associates, we utilize the newest and state of the art, 2 box detectors the industry has to offer! They are specifically designed to find buried tanks and utilities. We may even uncover an abandoned septic system or well during our inductive search which can be very useful also. The rate for this service may also be discounted when it is performed during our home inspection. For more information regarding our rates and services, give POLO & ASSOCIATES a Call Today at 973-539-0715!

Underground Oil Tank Testing and Soil Samples

Oil Tank RemovalUnderground oil tanks can be a very costly issue and should be tested and insured or removed. Polo & Associates uses New Jersey testing services that exceed US EPA requirements as well as state environmental agency requirements.  The two part oil tank test consists of placing an electronic probe in the fill tube and down into the oil.  This tests if petroleum has leaked out or if water has seeped into the tank.  The empty portion of the tank is monitored by ultrasonic waves to detect any holes that may exist. This test for an active tank is usually more effective and less expensive than soil sampling. The testing technology is the most recent state of the art and no dangerous pressure testing procedures are utilized. Soil sampling is recommended especially for any inactive/abandoned tank or a foreclosure situation. We should have your results within 1 hour and should be able to deliver your report and certification shortly thereafter. 

For additional information regarding this safe and
modern oil tank testing please click here.

The rates for these services may also be discounted when they are performed during our home inspection. For more information regarding our rates and services, give POLO & ASSOCIATES a Call Today at 973-539-0715!

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Verified Reviews

Many thanks for your time in coming by to inspect our home. While the process itself was short, the peace of mind you've given my family runs long and is much appreciated. Nothing but good things to say regarding all aspects of your business.

Mark, Carolyn and AJ R. - Riverdale

I really appreciate the complete inspection performed on the home I just purchased! You highlighted some issues that need to be addressed, yet gave me comfort that the home is largely in good condition. I was also very pleased with your choice of professionals to perform the lead-based paint and oil tank scan tests. All of you were thorough, professional & on time, and you have my sincere thanks !

Sheila K. - Warren

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